Natura E.S.T. – Consultoría Ambiental, Social y Técnica Natura E.S.T. – Consultoría Ambiental, Social y Técnica



An adequate environmental management is essential to avoid future problems in infrastructure or energy projects. ​ Services: Environmental Impact Assessments, Birds and bat monitoring, Environmental Monitoring and Supervision of Construction Site, Due Diligence Reports...



Corporate Social Responsibility and Human rights-based approaches, are more and more important for the correct development of infrastructure and energy projects.

Services: Social Impact Assessments, Due Diligence Reports, Feasibility studies...



We have been working to incorporate both our social and environmental experience; along with technical and technological advances to provide our clients with optimal solutions and greater added value. Our engineering team, specialized in energy developments, provides an integrated consultation for Feasibility and Due Diligence Reports.


Founded in 1997, Spain. Natura EST rapidly grows at international level, first in Europe and formerly in America, we have reached all continents, providing the fields of environmental and social consulting, with advanced technical solutions with greater additional value. We also provide engineering advisement for our clients based on our multidisciplinary scope.