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We Start a New Journey

In times like these when we look for saviors,  we  find despair while walkig toward the voting booth , prevailing over common sense and it is tempting to let oneself be carried away by apathy and disenchantment, its believed that optimism can still be found. There are  two great revolutions  happening right now in silenced.

The first of these revolutions is the one that is leading, still quite incipiently, renewable energies. If only a decade ago, these were lived as a rarity, heir almost of the children of 69, and so positive in their objectives, as uneconomical in their implementation, today, renewable energies (particularly wind and photovoltaic) are not only competitive with traditional energies, but they surpass them in terms of profitability in many conditions. I will not go into this introductory article on the multiple benefits of this type of energy. I simply want to emphasize, the leading role that these technologies are occupying universally in the industrial fabrics of many countries, being the energy, the base of the productive system of the modern economies. With this, the path for renewables is not free of obstacles either, and, like all human activity, they are not absent of risks and impacts. It is necessary, like everything else, to plan their development and commit to sustainable development, anticipating and mitigating their eventual impacts.

The other of the revolutions to which I referred, I can not affirm that it is silent; although on the contrary, for many it is a kind of shout, ethereal, indomesticable and threatening and they face it with the caution of someone who sticks a finger in the water to test its temperature, alert to remove it at the slightest sign of alarm. I am referring, of course, to the digital revolution. However, despite its unfathomable complexity, this revolution has much greater scope than it initially appears. This revolution is changing the way we relate (social networks), the way we do business (online shopping, collaborative economy) and the way we work. Nobody in the Western world can completely abstract from these changes.

Rivers of ink have been written about the benefits and harms specifically of social networks. On the one hand, there is no doubt that they are giving a voice to those who did not. However, not all voices are desirable. While these technologies have been an exceptional vehicle for the dissemination of the highest ideals of humanity, solidarity, democracy, respect for human rights and opposition to tyranny, they are also used for the expansion of much more negative feelings and hate ideas.

At Natura, we believe that the way in which these new technologies can be used in favor of humanity does not go through the traditional mechanisms of repression and prohibition, basically for the simple reason that you can not put doors to the sea. The incendiary and provocative messages are always going to find a fast route of expansion, but like all deflagration, they extinguish soon in the absence of air. Therefore, in the face of hatred and low passions, there is only one way, which is that of arguments and good reasons. With this in mind, in Naura we started this blog, with the hope of putting our little grain of sand for the dissemination and generation of knowledge that contributes to the progress of humanity and the preservation of the environment, in fulfillment of our business mission.

We will strive to share interesting content in the field of the environment, progress and social development, experience acquired in our professional activities, technical articles of added value for our clients, lessons learned, etc. All this will have a constructive approach, in line with those previously explained, and although we will keep all channels open for argumentation and consultancy, we will avoid controversy as a means of disclosure.

I hope you like our blog and that you join us in this way.

A hug.

Jorge Melero

Executive Director


Jorge Melero

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